Kolam is best practiced in the morning. Remove your shoes. Sweep and wash the sidewalk clean. Face the entrance of the building, bend down and map out the dots for a grid that your Kolam will fit. Using either a stick of chalk or rice floor, use flowing strokes to create one of the patterns below or create your own pattern. Do not change the direction that you are facing as you create the design. Keep in mind that the pattern should be as symmetrical as possible. It is blessing to walk across the Kolam once it is finished.
In the summer of 2004, Srimati Shyamala of Chennai shared with us the kolam practices of South India. A different kolam design is drawn for each day of the week. Each mandala honors the planet that rules over that day. The symbols and patterns that are used are specific to each planet and presiding deity of that day and create a visual prayer, benefiting all who pass by it.
Click links below to view pictures of Shyamala doing Kolam

Shyamala's Monday Kolam

Shyamala's Tuesday Kolam

Shyamala's Wednesday Kolam

Shyamala's Thursday Kolam

Shyamala's Friday Kolam

Shyamala's Saturday Kolam

Shyamala's Sunday Kolam